OFFICE DANANG – Office for rent in Da Nang

OFFICE DANANG – Office for rent in Da Nang

Office for rent Danang is increasingly sought after by businesses and investors because of the city’s attractiveness and strategic location. So which business office for rent ensures the criteria for price, location, and amenities for tenants? Join OFFICE DANANG to learn more about this topic in the following article.

1. Brief overview of office for rent in Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the leading developed cities in Vietnam. This city has attracted many tourists and investors every year. Businesses in Da Nang will have the opportunity to access quality and also qualified human resources. Da Nang also creates favorable conditions and policies for businesses when investing in the area. As a result, the city becomes an ideal location for many investors.

office for rent

Offices for rent in Da Nang have many high-quality utilities and modern equipment

Moreover, Da Nang also has an attractive real estate source at a reasonable price. In recent times, office buildings have been invested in and built more and more to meet a large number of customers’ needs. Not only does the office meet the quantity standards, but the office for rent in Da Nang also has many high-quality utilities and modern equipment. These will bring businesses a professional working space, creating the highest performance.

2. OFFICE DANANG – Office for lease in Da Nang 

OFFICE DANANG is one of the prestigious office leasing businesses in Da Nang city. Come to us, all our services are entirely free. Customers will not have to pay fees to experience the best quality consulting and support services. All services will be performed to achieve the best effect.

When working with OFFICE DANANG, we will provide you with a detailed list of offices for rent based on your request. At the same time, customers will be given professional advice about office space. Next, the customer can tour the facility directly, and negotiate the price and terms included in the contract.

office for rent

OFFICE DANANG provides a list of quality offices

After signing the contract, we also provide customers with building design and construction services. In addition, the building maintenance services will be maintained regularly, ensuring that you have the most comfortable office space. With many years of operation in the field of office leasing, we are confident in bringing customers the best services and experiences.

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3. Top 4 office buildings for lease or rent in Da Nang

OFFICE DANANG provides many offices for rent in Da Nang with mid- to high-end segments. So what is the best office for rent in Danang? Find out some suggestions below.


Indochina Riverside Tower is one of the high-class buildings in Da Nang, located on Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District. Thanks to its central location and view overlooking the Han River, this office for rent Danang has become one of the top choices of investors and tourists when coming to Da Nang.

Indochina Riverside Tower has a total area of 3652 m2 with 12 upper floors and a basement. In addition, this building is equipped with 3 elevators, helping customers to move more conveniently. Moreover, this space has a complex building with international standards.  As a result, customers can enjoy a variety of services inside this office for rent.

business office for rent

Indochina Riverside Tower is one of the high-class buildings in Da Nang

Besides, this building also owns a modern infrastructure system, providing a professional working space for businesses. Internet system, fire protection, and backup power are also installed, ensuring stable operation inside the building. This tower is also managed by a team of experienced staff who are always there to support customers.

Currently, businesses need to pay for offices for rent at Indochina Riverside Tower from 20 to 22 USD/m2/month. The fee for the flat is 15 – 17 USD, and the remaining amount will be the cost of maintaining other building services. Each office for lease at Indochina Riverside Tower has an area of 70 – 200 m2, depending on customers’ needs.


With a prime location on the main road of Nguyen Van Linh, Phi Long Building quickly becomes the ideal rental building for many businesses in Da Nang city. Besides, this office for rent in Danang is also considered one of the buildings managed and operated by cutting-edge modern technology.

Phi Long Building has a structure of 17 floors and a basement for parking. The floor area of the building is 1000 m2 and gets smaller as the floors go up. The building has 3 main elevators and an auxiliary elevator to transport goods. Besides, the building is covered with green trees, providing a green working space for everyone inside.

office for rent

Customers will experience many high-quality services in Phi Long Building

In this office for rent, customers will experience many high-quality services. The Internet system, electricity, and water networks are always closely monitored to avoid problems affecting the operation of the building. In addition, the equipment is also regularly maintained. The security management system is always present to provide timely support.

The rent for this business office ranges between 16 and 18 USD/m2/month. It is a relatively reasonable price for many businesses. The reason is that this cost already includes service costs. Other fees, such as electricity, parking, and over time, will be charged separately for each customer.


Like its name, Luxury Building Tran Phu is one of the most luxurious building chains in Da Nang. This office for rent in Danang is located on Tran Phu street. It is a famous street with many restaurants, shopping centers, and large businesses. Therefore, business and commercial activities here are highly bustling.

The entire Luxury Building Tran Phu has a floor area of 900 m2 with a 9-story structure. The first floor is used for parking, and the remaining floors will be rented. Inside the building is installed a system of 3 elevators, which provide the best support for the movement of people inside. In addition, this business office for rent‘s equipment, furniture, and infrastructure for rent are carefully and thoughtfully invested. As a result, business activities can take place at their best and bring the highest work efficiency.

office for rent

Luxury Building Tran Phu owns many quality services

Not only that, the office for rent also owns many quality services, bringing satisfaction to customers. Internet systems, mobile waves, electricity, and water systems are always guaranteed. When power fails, the generator will operate so that the activities inside the building are not interrupted. Businesses have to pay 30 USD / m2 / month for the office for rent Luxury Building Tran Phu. This fee includes the cost of services. In addition, fees such as electricity, parking, and overtime will be charged separately.


Bach Dang Complex is a grade-A office for rent, bringing customers many high-class experiences and services. This building is located in a complex of many commercial centers, hotels, offices, and high-class apartments. This combination brings many benefits to businesses when renting an office here.

The structure of this tower consists of 25 floors and two basements. The office block occupies 9 floors, the rest will be for the block of high-class apartments. The floor area of the building is about 700 m2, of which the usable area is from 640 – 670 m2 on each floor. Inside the building, there are 2 elevators, convenient for moving between floors.

business office for rent

Bach Dang Complex is also known as Heritage Treasure Tower

Bach Dang Complex provides customers with a full range of services. Besides, strong internet, electricity, and water systems are stable services for the whole building. The most prominent in this building is the security system. When entering here, all personnel must have an access card or present a paper, ensuring safety and security for the entire area.

The rental price at Bach Dang Complex is 27 USD/m2/month. This cost includes 22 USD as rent, and the remaining 2 USD is the service fee. This service fee includes an air conditioning fee during prime hours. Expenses such as electricity, parking, and overtime costs of $0.22/m2/hour will be charged separately.

4. Why do people use OFFICE DANANG service?

OFFICE DANANG is the leading unit for providing offices for rent in Da Nang. Let’s find out the reasons that businesses decide to choose OFFICE DANANG below.

4.1 100% free and noncommittal

To be able to choose a suitable business office for rent, businesses need to rely on many criteria such as fish price, location, space, and facilities,… After considering these issues, people tenants need to come and directly visit the office to be rented. For this process to go more smoothly, the advice of experts is extremely important.

office for rent

All the advice of experts is free

OFFICE DANANG is always available to assist and advise customers. In particular, our consulting services are completely 100% free. With the desire to bring the best working space to our customers, we do not ask you to pay any consulting money to get the best advice.

4.2 Easy, quick, and safe

The source of data about offices for rent at OFFICE DANANG is always abundant, meeting customers’ needs at any time. Besides, our working partners are reliable units, so all relevant information has been verified. As a result, finding an office for rent Danang for your business becomes easier, quicker, and safer.

office for rent

OFFICE DANANG helps customers find an office for rent easier, quicker, and safer

4.3 OFFICE DANANG is your perfect commercial property partner

OFFICE DANANG always wants to bring customers the best products, services, and experiences. Finding an office for rent for a business is an important issue. However, not everyone has enough time to look at each product in detail. Therefore, you can leave this to us. To OFFICE DANANG be your perfect commercial property partner.

business office for rent

OFFICE DANANG worthy be your perfect commercial property partner

Choosing an office for rent is essential for businesses. Because the working environment is one of the factors that affect the morale and work efficiency of employees. Therefore, choosing reputable suppliers is a top priority. Above are some suggestions about a business office for rent, OFFICE DANANG hopes you will find a suitable office through the above article.

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